Bonmarche Targets a Younger Audience through Television Advertisements

By on April 26, 2017

High street giant Bonmarch has started to target younger shoppers by using modern television advertisements. This is the first time they have done so since joining forces with Mark Heyes, TV fashion celebrity. Heyes made his claim to fame through the Lorraine Kelly show.

Bonmarche, one of the UK’s oldest and best known clothing retailers, has entered into a partnership with Mark Heyes, celebrity fashion icon who gained fame on the Lorraine Kelly show. Their first order of business was to target a younger audience, which is why the store has launched a brand new advertisement.

The average age of a shopper at Bonmarche currently stands at 65. However, the store, headquartered in Wakefield, would prefer to attract younger women as well. Mark Heyes is now targeting women in their early 50s, therefore, who, if perhaps not “young” in the conventional sense of the world, are certainly still in the prime of their life.

40% of women in Britain, or 12.7 individuals, are now over the age of 50. By 2020, this will have risen to 50%. Attracting this audience, therefore, is a very strategic move. The advertisement was piloted in 90 different locations, and it was hugely successful. As a result, it was rolled out nationally, as well as being supported by a press advertising and magazine campaign.

The move came after it was announced that there was a significant drop in the pre-tax profits of the store. However, these figures were not discouraging as they were weather-related, and Bonmarche did perform better than many of its competitors. In fact, in terms of like for like sales, they actually saw an increase.

A representative from Bonmarche says: “Because our audience is slightly older than your average high street store, the weather plays a huge role on whether or not people shop with us, and on what they buy. In 2016, there was little to no reason for anyone to purchase clothes that were seasonal. While this certainly affected us, it affected other stores, which traditionally have only seasonal clothes, far worse. All in all, therefore, it was actually a pretty good year for our store, and we believe that, through the partnership with Mark Heyes, we will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Bonmarche has been a feature of the British high street for a very long time. Unlike other stores, which continue to a certain demographic only, the store has grown with its original customers. When they first started, they were hip and trendy, but they decided to grow and age alongside its original shoppers, with the consequence of now having a traditionally older audience. Now, the company feels, it is time to change that to a degree, enabling women in their 50s to become the new trendsetters.

The Bonmarche representative adds: “50 is the new 30, as they say, and yet it is a forgotten demographic. You will find few 50 year old women who are happy to wear a crop top and ripped skinny jeans. But at the same time, we cannot expect them to wear pleated skirts to just above the ankles and flowery blouses either. What we believe is that, if we can target these women, they can become the trendsetters for those older than them. What a woman in their 50s can wear, a woman in her 60s can wear as well. In so doing, we aim to remain relevant to an ever-widening audience. These are exciting times, and we’re so happy to see how well-received our television advertisements have been so far. Working with Mark Heyes was truly an amazing idea!”

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My Favorite Fashion Tips of All Time

By on February 19, 2017

I really love to play around with different styles and fashion pieces to create new and interesting looks. I don’t suppose I’d put myself into a category when it comes to style at all; I like a bit of everything! That being said, there are a few fashion tips that I feel help me when I’m feeling stuck sometimes. Take a look at them and see if they can help you!

Dress to Suit Your Body Shape

There are a few different body shapes, and it will really help if you know yours. Once you do, you can pick the perfect items to show off your shape and enhance you in all of the right places. There are no real rules. If you really like something, feel free to wear it. But I think you’ll always look your best if you wear clothes for your specific body shape!

Layer Your Outfits

Layering outfits is one of my favorite things to do. It’s perfect when the weather doesn’t really know what it’s doing, as you can add or take away layers as you need to. It also looks much more polished and thought out. I think it makes for an overall better looking outfit, with lots of interest!

Create Interest With Texture

I love to use different textures to add interest to my outfits. There’s nothing worse than an outfit all in similar materials. It just looks flat and boring! Use a couple of different textures to make things look more interesting and add more depth!14455111565_74a45b5f5c_z

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Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Accessories can make or break outfits. You should always accessorize, whatever you’re wearing. You can use all kinds of things, from a statement watch from Shinola to a statement necklace. You can even use more delicate pieces if you’d rather not distract from the outfit you’re wearing.

Wear Colors to Suit Your Skintone

Everybody has a different skin tone, and therefore different colors that suit them. Know your skin tone and the colors that look great on you, so you stand out for all the right reasons. Wearing the wrong colors can wash you out! However, feel free to wear colors that you really love if they make you feel good about yourself! Feeling good is the most important thing about fashion. If you don’t feel great, it’ll likely show.

Have a Versatile Scarf on Hand

A versatile scarf can be used for a number of different things. If you’re not using it, it can be used as a simple bag charm. You can grab it if you need it to make a cute headscarf or band, or wear it as a traditional scarf. You could even wear it as a belt! I recommend everybody has a scarf they love!

As long as you love what you’re wearing, you’ll look incredible. Confidence is the key to looking amazing in everything that you wear. I’d love to hear any tips of yours. Leave them in the comments box below for me!

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2015 Fall Fashion Must Haves

By on

With autumn in full swing, now is the time to stock your wardrobe with a few essentials. As the temps start to fall, layering becomes more and more important. Anyone can look great in a tank top and shorts during the summer, but it takes a real fashion expert to look fly during the fall. So, open up a bit of closet space and ready yourself for the flood of compliments you are sure to receive after rocking some of these 2015 Fall fashion must haves.

The Biker Jacket

The leather biker jacket is back in full force this year. However, if you have your old 80’s jacket waiting in the back of the closet, you’ll be better off to keep it there. The modern biker jacket is all about the fit. The more fitted, the better you’ll look. Look for jackets where the bottom sits at the top of your hips while the sleeves cover your entire arms. This gives you a few play options for layering underneath. it also looks fantastic over a cocktail dress for those chilly walks from the car to the party where an oversized coat just won’t do.

Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans give you a bit more room in the legs. Now, keep in mind that while these jeans are baggy, you need to keep everything else fitted, otherwise the entire outfit just looks oversized and lazy. Pairing the boyfriend jeans with ankle boots and that leather biker jacket (or a bomber jacket) helps complete a fantastic fall look. Plus, if you’re heading out to any campfires, you’ll feel so much more comfortable than with the tight, confining jeans you left at home.

Over the Knee Boot

Doesn’t it seem like boots just keep stretching higher and higher? Well, meet the over the knee boot. These boots are fantastic if you are rocking a skirt ending several inches above the knee but you still want to cover up most of your legs (plus, you can wear heavier, taller socks and nobody will know). The longer boots also work well with an oversized sweater as the boots help elongated your legs and draw more attention to them.

Tuxedo Jacket

You know how you always see male rock stars hitting the town with a finely-cut blazer and a screen-print t-shirt underneath? Well, now it’s your turn. The tuxedo jacket is a fantastic look as it can go over a favorite tank, t-shirt or most other simple tops and instantly class it up. The tuxedo jacket comes in both regular and shrunken varieties, both of which looks good. Try to go for a jacket with a different colored lapel. This creates an accent point and, as it cuts in to a point right below the chest, it creates a thinning appearance while also showcasing your curves. A win-win.

Trench Coat

Trench coats have never really gone out of style, but women have tended to go away from these jackets in the past. Now, however, is the time to embrace the trench coat. A lighter, brighter color for fall is perfect, plus it can be layered with almost anything and works exceptionally well in the rain, snow or any other weather condition. If you want to add some accent to the trench, remove the regular strap and use a thicker, hip-hugging belt of your own. It is all just part of the layering process, so have fun with it.

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How Fashion Marketing Has Changed In The Past 50 Years

By on December 9, 2016

The fashion industry is extremely fast paced – blink and what is “in fashion” will have changed.

Fashion goes full circle and we often see styles we thought were long gone (those worn by our parents or even those we wore in our younger years) come back into fashion – this year has been no different as we stepped back in time and filled our wardrobes with clothes, shoes, accessories from the 70s and 90s.

However, whilst fashion is constantly looking back to the past and revisiting old styles, fashion marketing only looks forward. Over the last 50 years fashion marketing has had an incredible makeover.

Our attention has moved away from traditional advertising domains of TV and print and towards our electronic devices – as we spend more time on our mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Smartphones, which enable us access to the internet and brands apps 24/7, have increased at such a rate that a quarter of the world are expected to be using them in 2016. That number is only expected to continue growing, as it reaches more than 2.56 billion or a third of the world’s population by 2018.

Marketing must, of course, be directed at potential customers, so as they move where they are, marketing must move with them. This rise in technology has changed marketing in all areas, including fashion, and with it comes innovative ways of advertising products. Smartphones, for example, enable direct communication with the customer through either e-mail or text messages. Brands could send sms with GlobalMessaging for a personalised campaign, which will arrive directly to the phone, in the same way a message would be received from a friend or relative.

In recent years, alongside the rise of the smartphone is the arrival and continuing growth of social media (which is available on said phones) and allows fashion brands to have real-time conversations with their customers and potential customers. The challenge for them is to utilize this correctly and create campaigns that work across social media, display advertising and e-commerce.

ASOS are a great example of a fashion retailer using this new platform and using it well. They have recently announced a significant increase in sales and revenue, a large part of which they attributed to the growth of their social engagement.

They unveiled revenues of £1.5bn in August, up 18% from the same time the previous year. Plus retail sales of £1.2bn, which was 17% ahead.

The primary reason for these fantastic figures appears to be their mobile platform. In the last year the brand has been running mobile only promotions, and optimising its checkout for mobile. It definitely worked as 60% of their traffic came from mobile devices over the year, whilst 44% of transactions were placed on mobile platforms. This only goes to show how imperative mobile is to the success of a marketing campaign in 2015.

50 years ago, we didn’t have the technology we have today, advertising appeared in print and TV alone. It could reach a large audience, but Marketers weren’t able to have direct contact with consumers in the way they are able to today. With new technology being made available to us all the time, we can only imagine how different fashion marketing will look in a further 50 years.

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Cozy for Fall: Get the Look for Under $100

By on September 26, 2016

The fall season is the perfect time of year to take a chance and mix it up when it comes to your style. Whether you’re interested in playing with fun accessories or simply want to find a new staple jacket to add to your wardrobe, fall fashion trends have something for everyone to try out this season.

One of the best things about fall fashion pieces is their versatility. Because fall is all about layering, you can get good use out of most of your favorite fall pieces year round. Now is the perfect time to stock up and build a fall wardrobe that your friends will envy. Even when shopping on a budget, you can find great staple items for under $100!

Top Cozy Fall Fashion Staples for Under $100

Denim Mini

When looking for inspiration for hot fashion trends, the Jenner sisters are always a safe place to start. So when Kendall Jenner started rocking a throwback denim mini earlier this season, 90’s kids everywhere took notice and rejoiced that one of their favorite childhood trends was back in a big way!

Dive headfirst back into this throwback trend by choosing a dark wash denim and mini length that can get you through the fall season without giving you a cold. Fashionistas can easily find the perfect denim mini at their favorite stores like H&M ($29.99) and Forever 21 ($17.90).

Turtleneck Dress

For those of us that aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the last few days of summer, the turtleneck dress is the perfect transition piece. Fun, flirty and just enough of a nod to the cooler weather, turtleneck dresses can be dressed up or down with a few simple accessories. Wear your favorite to the office and then spruce it up for a happy hour meet-up with friends later in the evening. Try this skater style turtleneck from Urban Outfitters online ($89) or this sleeveless a-line number at Nordstrom ($58).

Classic Cape

Make a statement this fall season by investing in a beautiful and classic cape. Capes are perfect for fall as they give you just the right amount of warmth, while not becoming bulky or overwhelming your shape. With the right fabric and embellishments, you can easily find a cape that will work well to transition from fall to winter as well. Throw it on over your favorite mini and tall boots for a totally sleek and on-trend look for fall! Try this casual knitted look from ASOS ($54) or this fun faux fur trimmed option from LOVE 21 ($59.90).

Grunge Boots

The 90’s fashion trends look as if they’re here to stay. But instead of launching into a full-on grunge moment, the style savvy can borrow their favorite pieces and incorporate them into their existing wardrobe. When it comes to shopping for boots this fall think dark, luxe and playful. Our favorite way to play with grunge styling this fall season is with a chunky grunge boot. Find the perfect fall lace-up boot to bring that hint of toughness to your wardrobe at TopShop ($70) or these playful Dr. Martens from Solestruck($77.97).

Expert Advice: Get Help Finding the Right Accessories

Once you’ve got your staple pieces for fall, it’s important to bring your look together with the addition of well thought out fashion and beauty accessories. Head on over to LiliBuzz for her favorite styling tips for fall, including the classic bold lip color with a twist and other fall must have accessories. With a bit of fashion inspiration and a few helpful beauty tips from LiliBuzz, it’s easy to get the look that will help you stand out from the crowd this fall!


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Common Nail Artistry Services Offered in Miami Nail Salon

By on March 4, 2016

Beautifying yourself is simply a way of satisfying yourself probably after a traumatic day or an excellent accomplishment. If you are searching for any kind of nail parlors in Miami, you must think about that services you will definitely be using.

Range of Services

Now a day, the majority of nail salons provide a variety of facilities. A standard nail salon must offer a variety of manicure plans different from a usual manicure to intricate nail artistry hand saturating as well as matching pedicure treatments. Possible the most vital aspect to keep in mind is that these facilities could be modified to match your specific needs and you do not just need to order from list of options.

Manicure Facilities with Better Products

Services should contain at most an ordinary manicure. This kind of manicure contains a hand rubbing massage with cream or lotion picked by the customer. At larger end salons a much better quality lotion or cream is applied and is usually reflected in the price of the manicure. The unique special the beauty parlor is, the better the top quality of items are used. If a person needs to pay a higher price for the manicure it far good sure be value of the extra rate. The client is going to feel as they are getting services that the usual person is not. It is a specialist’s art to make them look like they are.

Nail Artistry

Now a day’s nail parlor services, nail artistry is famous offering. These are generally enjoyed by ladies who wish to view their nails improved with artistry work. Whatever your preference, an efficient nail parlor must have the capability to suits you.

Beautifying your Nail as you Desire

A traditional pedicure is also one more facility that you usual nail salon Miami must be capable to give you. A standard pedicure must initially provide a foot cleanse and immerse in a clean sink or bowl. The moment the foot soaks is complete any kind of a readying available polish must be taken out pursued by cuticle adornment and the usage of cuticle lotion. Surplus skin from all time short of toes and low feet is after that taken out making use of a rasp, unpleasant solution or file. Depending on how much skin need to be taken out will definitely determine the way most experts will utilize.

For all those who obtain a usual pedicure the abrasive cream or oil with the most useful. If you after a year, in that case you might be showing to file or rasp. A lot of professionals will surely go a step in addition and rub the calk and ankles area as included additional advantage to make you in fact is in the mood for you have had that med-spa feeling. The end again contains of a nail fine art and polish if you choose it. There are a lot of added facilities readily obtainable in any kind of nail salons Miami.

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