4 Must Haves When Starting A New Business

By on May 14, 2018

Starting a business can be fun as much as it is scary. As it goes with any new endeavor, being in a position where you’re going in blindly can be daunting. However, with the right knowledge base and skill set, this doesn’t have to be nearly as bad, which is why I’m giving you a few helpful tips on how to get started. Check them out below:

A Great Brand


One of the core elements of any successful business is the backing of a great brand. While to some branding sounds like a luxury, it’s honestly one of the biggest ways that your audience connects with you on a meaningful level, turning them from just a customer to a loyalist. After all, a brand represents a certain mission or ethos that resonates with others, which isn’t the easiest thing to develop. However, with the right effort, you could have a brand that might last you a lifetime.


To understand a successful brand, you first have to understand the nature of a great one. This is essentially broken down into part-story, part-science, focusing in on how you can resonate with others without having to say a word. For example, according to CrowdSpring, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent, which is why a company like Samsung’s sharp blue colors combined with the modern typeface denotes a tech company. There’s a lot of thought that goes into these design elements, and they aren’t something that should be taken lightly. Once you do find that perfect combination, you’ll be off to the races in no time.


A Solid Business Plan


Another essential aspect of any successful business is a plan that spells out how you’re going to make money. As simple as that sounds, you’d be surprised at the number of entrepreneurs that attempt to start a company with making money a secondary concern. And while that might sound silly, as noted by Business Insider, with 82 percent of businesses failing because of cash flow problems, mapping this out will not only help yourself but any potential lender or investor as well.


To get started, look at a few of the business plan templates available online, highlighting which ones you feel represent the type of company you’re trying to start best. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to write more and cut back, as the goal is to eventually be able to tell people how your business is going to make money in a sentence or less. Especially when it’s your first time, this process will most likely take longer than expected, however, is well worth the effort to showcase to others. Keep this is as a continuous practice you look to keep up with, giving you the best chance of success long-term.


The Right Tools


While you might think it’s smart to have workarounds or hacks at first, eventually you’re going to want to equip your business with the right tools to thrive. It’s okay to spend money if it’s going to save money or a significant amount of time, as that’s the core to make your business run more efficiently and in turn, generate more revenue. And as noted in Entrepreneur, businesses lose 20 to 30 percent on inefficient processes, which can be quite costly when you break down the dollar-for-dollar markup.


Make a list of the different items your business might need, including how these are going to play a role further down the road. For example, while your business might eventually need a quality CRM, you might want to make a benchmark for when that’s going to happen in accordance with the number of customers you’re taking. Thinking about things like this ahead of time will not only give you a schedule of when you’re going to execute on what you need but save you from making impulse buying decisions, which you’ll certainly thank yourself for later.


A Mind For Marketing


Finally, one of the most important aspects of your business is going to be a mind for marketing, which will fundamentally be how you attract customers to you. This can come in an array of forms and fashions depending on your industry, but the basic goal you should have in mind is ROI. And one place that’s consistently had amazing results is with digital marketing.


The majority of digital marketing techniques you’ve most likely dealt with in your day-to-day, such as social media, email, content, or even SEO (at least, search engines). Depending on who your target is and what you’re after, do your research on an array of solutions to give yourself a wide-feel. For example, as noted by Hubspot, with 500 million active users currently on Instagram, this can be an excellent medium for b2c businesses to capture dedicated fans. Take your time in deciphering what’s right for you, as this will start to garner you an audience in no time.


What are you most excited about in starting your new business? Comment with your answers below!

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How to Help a Dog That Suffers from Anxiety Issues

By on August 11, 2017

Just like us, our pets can also suffer from anxiety issues. Whether your dog is suffering from mild anxiety to more severe anxiety, it can affect their behavior in all kinds of negative ways. To top it off, living in a state of anxiety is no way to live, nor is it healthy. So, what can you do for a dog that suffers from anxiety issues? The good news is that there are a few things you can try that will help to ease your dog’s issues.

Royalty Free Photo

Symptoms of Anxiety

Perhaps you’re unsure whether your dog suffers from anxiety. In extreme cases, it’s obvious your dog has anxiety, whereas in other cases it may not be as clear. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Your dog may look for comfort from you in the form of affection or attention. They may nudge you for pets and cuddles, or even jump into your lap if they are small enough.
  • Your dog may look for a hiding spot or seek solitude if they are feeling anxious. This is a sign of fear. They may not want to be around people or other pets.
  • Another sign is excessive chewing and licking of their fur and/or paws.
  • The dog may start to pant and shake, showing signs of nerves. Typically, this is more excessive panting than normal, and it would not have been brought on by exercise.

These are just some of the most common symptoms, but there can be others as well. Depending on the severity of their anxiety, they may display just one of these symptoms or many at one time. Of course, if you’re still unsure as to whether your dog suffers from anxiety you can always speak to your vet and have them diagnose your pet.

Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Now that you’ve established your dog is suffering from anxiety, what can you do to help ease their nerves? Sometimes, the solution is based on the cause and severity of the anxiety, whereas other times it has to do more with the personality of your dog.

For a dog that suffers from severe anxiety, the best solution may be medication that has been prescribed by your vet. This should be the last resort though, as there are other options out there. Another option would be to use a hemp pet supplement. This type of supplement helps to relax the dog without making them feel high or stoned. They can enjoy all the health benefits without any sort of risk. Of course, it’s important to be sure you are administering the correct dosage.

At the same time, it’s important to work on desensitizing your pet and conditioning them not to react to the triggers that are causing their anxiety in the first place. This is how you can achieve long-term results, so that you won’t have to worry about anxiety solutions moving forward.

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Fitness | Tips

10 Reasons to Get Fitter on Your Daily Commute

By on March 13, 2017

The New York Subway and daily exercise are two phrases that rarely go side by side, unless we consider the daily aggravation that comes with climbing over fellow commuters to reach a rush hour train. There is a simple incentive being offered to users of the New York Subway to get off seats and get into shape. The carrot on the end of the rod takes the form of a calorie burning calculator, which has been developed by physician Wayne Osborne and health website


New York Map of Calories illustrates the total calorie expenditure for the average man and woman from one train stop to the next on all major subway lines. Dr Osborne took it upon himself to research the most beneficial means of recreating the same subway journeys without a mode of transport and therefore produced results for the distance and calorie count when walking, jogging and cycling between each and every train stop. The correlation between transportation and exercise has always been a tough nut to pin-point, but this new calorie map may be the bridge exercise enthusiasts who lead busy lives have been waiting for.


For many, this information will come as a welcome shock as to just how many calorie burning opportunities have been missed by sitting aboard a train day in, day out. Others, however, may be quick to draw attention to the length of time a journey on foot takes compared to the equivalent using public transport. Regardless of opinion,n theres no denying that the calorie map is food for thought.


Its more abundantly clear than ever that walking, jogging and cycling are vital activities for regulating good health and fighting off common illnesses and disease that stem from a lack of exercise and regular physical activity. Thousands of people die each year owing to health complications associated with being inactive, overweight and exhibiting poor cardio vascular health. As the obesity crisis looms, actions must be taken by men and women across the country. Theres no better city to lead the charge than New York. Shown below are the top to calorie-burning journeys of the New York Subway by walking, jogging and cycling:

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A Guide to dressing your man smart

By on April 1, 2016

With a formal occasion looming, has your mans trusty suit had it? If thats the case it’s time to surprise him and invest in something new and something which is going to make him look and feel good. Follow this guide written by Dobell ( to buying the perfect suit.

The Men's Guide to Wearing a Suit

Provided by Dobell

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