Signs Your Best Friend Could Be Dealing with Addiction

By on January 16, 2017

Your best friend since high school has started acting strange and you can’t really put your finger on it. One thing you do notice is the fact that she’s been drinking a lot more than usual when you’re around her. You want to help, but you want to be sure that there is a problem before you approach her. Determining whether someone you care for has a problem with alcohol is easier said than done.

Despite what you might know about the stereotypical drunk who acts belligerent and can barely stand is not necessarily what you’re going to see when you’re around your friend. Likely if there is an issue she’s ashamed, embarrassed, and afraid to come forward and get help. This means they can be very good at hiding the signs from you. That’s why knowing what to pay attention to can help you recognize the signs of alcohol abuse or addiction in your friend and support her in getting the help that she needs.

Learn as Much as You Can

Before approaching your bestie about her potential issue, it can be beneficial to first learn a bit more about addiction and the treatment options. This way you can be a great source of support for her when she is ready to get help. Aside from talking with a doctor, one of your best sources of information about alcohol addiction in women and treatment options is specifically tailored rehab for women. A rehab facility will have trained abuse and addiction counselors as well as medical personnel on staff to answer your questions and give you reliable tips on how to help your friend.

Signs Your Friend is Hiding an Alcohol Problem

1.  Increased Quantity

One of the first signs that your best friend could be hiding an alcohol problem is her increased consumption. With alcohol dependency and addiction, the person’s body develops a high tolerance for the substance requiring a person to use more. Examples might include you noticed your friend refills her glass more than once at girl’s night or always seems to have a wine bottle ready to open.

2.  Missing In Action

Increased isolation is another sign that your friend could be dealing with an alcohol problem. If she’s missing events that she would normally make or seems to be turning down your offers to hang out, it is possible that she’s trying to hide her addiction from you. Loss of interest in activities and people is fairly common when suffering from addiction. There simply becomes a point where their addiction seems to consume their lives leaving little room for much else.

3.  Money Trouble

Someone who is suffering from addiction will often fall into financial troubles. The cost of affording alcohol on the consistent basis can be enough to cause necessary bills to fall behind. If your friend has been stressed about finances lately, or seems to be asking you for financial assistance, they could be trying to pay for their vice.

4.  Physical Changes

If a person has been suffering from addiction for a while, they could start to change physically. Though alcohol affects everyone differently, some changes you might notice include drastic changes in their weight, decreased overall health (getting sick more often), changes in the skin, and so on.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs when interacting with your best friend she could really need some help. When approaching her on the matter, be sure that you communicate with her in a loving and supportive way as addiction can be very difficult to admit and deal with. Once she is ready to receive help, pointing her in the direction of rehab facilities for treatment would be the best option. Though it may be hard to deal with, knowing that she has her bestie there every step of the way will make the treatment and recovery process a lot easier to get through.

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How Fashion Marketing Has Changed In The Past 50 Years

By on December 9, 2016

The fashion industry is extremely fast paced – blink and what is “in fashion” will have changed.

Fashion goes full circle and we often see styles we thought were long gone (those worn by our parents or even those we wore in our younger years) come back into fashion – this year has been no different as we stepped back in time and filled our wardrobes with clothes, shoes, accessories from the 70s and 90s.

However, whilst fashion is constantly looking back to the past and revisiting old styles, fashion marketing only looks forward. Over the last 50 years fashion marketing has had an incredible makeover.

Our attention has moved away from traditional advertising domains of TV and print and towards our electronic devices – as we spend more time on our mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Smartphones, which enable us access to the internet and brands apps 24/7, have increased at such a rate that a quarter of the world are expected to be using them in 2016. That number is only expected to continue growing, as it reaches more than 2.56 billion or a third of the world’s population by 2018.

Marketing must, of course, be directed at potential customers, so as they move where they are, marketing must move with them. This rise in technology has changed marketing in all areas, including fashion, and with it comes innovative ways of advertising products. Smartphones, for example, enable direct communication with the customer through either e-mail or text messages. Brands could send sms with GlobalMessaging for a personalised campaign, which will arrive directly to the phone, in the same way a message would be received from a friend or relative.

In recent years, alongside the rise of the smartphone is the arrival and continuing growth of social media (which is available on said phones) and allows fashion brands to have real-time conversations with their customers and potential customers. The challenge for them is to utilize this correctly and create campaigns that work across social media, display advertising and e-commerce.

ASOS are a great example of a fashion retailer using this new platform and using it well. They have recently announced a significant increase in sales and revenue, a large part of which they attributed to the growth of their social engagement.

They unveiled revenues of £1.5bn in August, up 18% from the same time the previous year. Plus retail sales of £1.2bn, which was 17% ahead.

The primary reason for these fantastic figures appears to be their mobile platform. In the last year the brand has been running mobile only promotions, and optimising its checkout for mobile. It definitely worked as 60% of their traffic came from mobile devices over the year, whilst 44% of transactions were placed on mobile platforms. This only goes to show how imperative mobile is to the success of a marketing campaign in 2015.

50 years ago, we didn’t have the technology we have today, advertising appeared in print and TV alone. It could reach a large audience, but Marketers weren’t able to have direct contact with consumers in the way they are able to today. With new technology being made available to us all the time, we can only imagine how different fashion marketing will look in a further 50 years.

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Treating Unwanted Growths On Aging Skin

By on October 31, 2016

The older your skin, the more susceptible it is to unwanted skin conditions, including moles, liver spots, freckles, wrinkles, etc. The strength of skin cells to resist these conditions declines with age, and they give in because they are unable to renew themselves more often.

How the skin ages and the type of unwanted growth depends on several factors, such as the diet, lifestyle, and personal habits. For instance, females that have greater exposure to the sun are more apt to developing cancerous moles or spots. Smoking and consumption of processed food can lead to the creation of free radicals inside the body, which can damage cells and lead to premature wrinkles.

That said, the following are the most common types of skin growths:

·  Actinic & Seborrheic Keratoses

Actinic keratoses refer to brownish or red colored scaly spots that appear on the skin as it grows older. These spots can turn cancerous if they become acute and the victim of the growth fails to seek treatment at an early stage. Seborrheic keratosis are warts that can be black or brown in color, and are usually benign growths that look as if they’ve fastened themselves to the skin’s surface. The most common growth areas include the back of the hand, forearm, or face.

·  Moles

Nevi or moles are tiny skin marks that result due to the increase in pigment-producing cells in the skin. They can be rough, smooth, flat or raised, and accompanied by some hair. Most of them are brown or black in color, but a few can be yellowish or skin-colored. They respond to hormonal changes and change overtime; exposure to the sun after growth can darken their appearance. Another type of mole is the atypical mole, which is larger than the normal mole and can be tan or pink. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin.

·  Cherry angiomas

This is a skin growth that affects mostly middle-aged women. Chery angiomas is classified as a small, bright red, benign, elevated bump that is caused by dilated blood vessels. Fatty deposits may also contribute to their formation. They are quite small in size, the usual being pinhead size to on quarter inch. Most growths are smooth, but some can stick out from the skin. The fortunate aspect of this growth is that it is noncancerous, and doesn’t harm the health.

How to treat these skin growths

Several measures can treat or reduce the symptoms of unwanted skin growths. You should always start with natural and external treatment options. For instance, moles can be removed with surgery or through the duct tape method, but using mole removal products is recommended because they are made from high quality plant extracts allowing for homeopathic treatment without any side effects. It is possible to take care of benign moles right from the comfort of your home, which saves you expensive visits to the dermatologists.

Likewise, topical ointments can be used on actinic & seborrheic keratoses. Home remedies can also be applied to see results before the option for a dermatologist is considered. For example, Apple Cider Vinegar is recommended for removal of cherry angiomas, but the skin needs to be open. Cryotherapy or freezing can also treat many of these growths.

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Lifestyle | Trends

Women In Business: No Longer A Novelty

By on

The presence of women in positions of great power has long been considered an exception, rather than the rule. It was headline news when a female ascended to a point of influence and responsibility, and sadly, it was often followed with rumors of inappropriate behavior as their means of promotion, not competence and skill.

Fortunately, things have changed. There are still spurious accusations when a woman attains a position of power, especially if she’s not the expected appointee. But as seen in many areas, there’s no longer any reason to consider it out of the ordinary when a woman reaches the top.

The Corporate Ranks

The board room is more populated with women than it has ever been, and again, it’s becoming so commonplace that it’s hardly discussed when a new female face arrives. Certainly there’s a great deal of conversation when someone like Susan Itzkowitz creates a successful product line, but the narrative now is more about the impact of these exciting developments rather than the person behind them. She’s now seen as Susan Itzkowitz of March Fisher LTD, and no longer just a regular employee.

Part of what’s getting these women into the corporate world is their own resourcefulness in a very different environment. At one time, a woman with a good eye for fashion would have been able to do little more than out-dress her friends. But with the advent of online education, social media, and a more female-friendly workplace, it’s easier than ever for women to turn hobbies into careers.

Political Heft

Imagine the buzz in 1984 when Geraldine Ferraro was tapped to run as vice president alongside Walter Mondale on the Democratic ticket. Sure, they were squaring off against a powerful populist incumbent in Ronald Reagan–and were subsequently given little hope of victory–but just to see a woman running with one of the two major parties was absolutely enormous.

There still hasn’t been a woman chosen as the nominee (although Hillary Clinton is a serious contender for 2016), but women dot the landscapes of Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as throughout several presidential cabinets and in leadership roles in both houses. Will a woman hit the top job soon? There’s no way to be sure, but at this point it’s academic. Women are plentiful and powerful in politics, and there are very few breakthroughs left to make.

Power In Entertainment

We’re talking about more than just Cookie on the TV show “Empire” here. Women are driving music, film, theater, and television to new heights without any perception of needing a male to oversee things. Musicians like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are hugely successful with musical messages about strong women. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler launched from the “Saturday Night Live” anchor desk to worldwide prominence as actors and performers, and the pair are go-to Oscar hosts. Ellen DeGeneres has a daytime TV juggernaut, JK Rowling spins gold out of paper, and even a mostly-retired Oprah Winfrey is still building fortunes for others with her endorsements.

To make a list would carry you through so many names that the point would be perfectly made. There is no longer any surprise in seeing successful, independent female entertainers.

And that’s the overarching idea. The days are gone of recognizing women as the first woman to accomplish this or that. It’s now about the accomplishment, not about the gender of the person making it. A few unconquered territories remain, of course, but it’s undeniable that women are on the verge of workplace equality in power and influence.

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Cozy for Fall: Get the Look for Under $100

By on September 26, 2016

The fall season is the perfect time of year to take a chance and mix it up when it comes to your style. Whether you’re interested in playing with fun accessories or simply want to find a new staple jacket to add to your wardrobe, fall fashion trends have something for everyone to try out this season.

One of the best things about fall fashion pieces is their versatility. Because fall is all about layering, you can get good use out of most of your favorite fall pieces year round. Now is the perfect time to stock up and build a fall wardrobe that your friends will envy. Even when shopping on a budget, you can find great staple items for under $100!

Top Cozy Fall Fashion Staples for Under $100

Denim Mini

When looking for inspiration for hot fashion trends, the Jenner sisters are always a safe place to start. So when Kendall Jenner started rocking a throwback denim mini earlier this season, 90’s kids everywhere took notice and rejoiced that one of their favorite childhood trends was back in a big way!

Dive headfirst back into this throwback trend by choosing a dark wash denim and mini length that can get you through the fall season without giving you a cold. Fashionistas can easily find the perfect denim mini at their favorite stores like H&M ($29.99) and Forever 21 ($17.90).

Turtleneck Dress

For those of us that aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the last few days of summer, the turtleneck dress is the perfect transition piece. Fun, flirty and just enough of a nod to the cooler weather, turtleneck dresses can be dressed up or down with a few simple accessories. Wear your favorite to the office and then spruce it up for a happy hour meet-up with friends later in the evening. Try this skater style turtleneck from Urban Outfitters online ($89) or this sleeveless a-line number at Nordstrom ($58).

Classic Cape

Make a statement this fall season by investing in a beautiful and classic cape. Capes are perfect for fall as they give you just the right amount of warmth, while not becoming bulky or overwhelming your shape. With the right fabric and embellishments, you can easily find a cape that will work well to transition from fall to winter as well. Throw it on over your favorite mini and tall boots for a totally sleek and on-trend look for fall! Try this casual knitted look from ASOS ($54) or this fun faux fur trimmed option from LOVE 21 ($59.90).

Grunge Boots

The 90’s fashion trends look as if they’re here to stay. But instead of launching into a full-on grunge moment, the style savvy can borrow their favorite pieces and incorporate them into their existing wardrobe. When it comes to shopping for boots this fall think dark, luxe and playful. Our favorite way to play with grunge styling this fall season is with a chunky grunge boot. Find the perfect fall lace-up boot to bring that hint of toughness to your wardrobe at TopShop ($70) or these playful Dr. Martens from Solestruck($77.97).

Expert Advice: Get Help Finding the Right Accessories

Once you’ve got your staple pieces for fall, it’s important to bring your look together with the addition of well thought out fashion and beauty accessories. Head on over to LiliBuzz for her favorite styling tips for fall, including the classic bold lip color with a twist and other fall must have accessories. With a bit of fashion inspiration and a few helpful beauty tips from LiliBuzz, it’s easy to get the look that will help you stand out from the crowd this fall!


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7 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Relationship

By on July 8, 2016

Work, family life, school and children can make it challenging to maintain a healthy relationship. If you’re looking to reignite that spark with your loved one and keep your relationship from falling into predictable territory, you’ll find the following fresh ideas a great way to boost your romance.

Make it a Priority

It can be easy to let daily life get the best of you. In addition to sapping the hours that you have each day, it can also drain you of your energy. Unfortunately, if you don’t find a way to connect with your loved one, you could fall into a rut. That’s why it’s important to make time for one another. Whether you go shopping together for a new wardrobe or you spend some free time chatting about your day over an intimate dinner, helping your partner see that they are a top priority can make them feel special.

Don’t Forget to Say “I Love You”

While your partner may know that you love and appreciate them, saying the words “I love you” can be special when you’re in a relationship. A text message, phone call or saying the phrase before you leave the house each day reminds them of how much you care.

Shake Up Your Sex Life

When you’re in a relationship, you want to show your partner both emotionally and physically how much they mean to you. If you’re looking to liven up your sex life, Foxy Lingerie has babydolls, lace bras and thongs that can make you feel sexy. You may also want to try revving up your intimacy level by hiring a babysitter for the children and booking a hotel room for an overnight stay. A candlelit dinner for two, champagne and a soothing bath can make for a memorable night together.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Discussions of finances, misbehaving children and a broken toilet can be stressful for a couple. Everyone deserves a day or evening to let go of reality and kick back. Whether you go to a baseball game, hit the links for a round of golf, take in a movie or head to your local pub for a game of darts, fun activities can help you to reconnect.

Ditch the Electronics

Technology can make it easy for a person to navigate the roads, check emails, connect with friends and family and share news. Unfortunately, it can make spending time together a lot more difficult. After dinner, make a pact to put the phone on silent, turn off your laptop and put away the notebooks. This allows you the opportunity to catch up and talk about the day’s events. When you don’t have emails and texts interrupting your time together, you’ll be able to build a stronger bond as a couple.

Remain Courteous

Most couples are on their best behavior when they begin to date. Simple things such as opening the car door, saying thank you, making a special meal and practicing polite behaviors should be continued long past the initial dating period. While it may be tempting to forego cleaning the sink after shaving or leaving your dirty laundry on the floor, it’s the small gestures of consideration that can keep your relationship in positive territory.

Break Out of Your Normal Routine

It’s easy to fall into a rut as an adult. Responsibilities such as children, work and paying bills can occupy most of your waking thoughts. While these tasks are extremely important and take precedence, breaking out of your normal routine is a great way to breathe new life into a stale relationship. If you normally do chores every Saturday morning, put them on the backburner until later and head to your local farmer’s market. You can also take a weekend getaway to see the fall colors in bloom. You’ll be amazed at what a change of scenery can do for a relationship.

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The secret to perfect glowing skin for your wedding – Plan ahead of time

By on May 6, 2016

So, you’re certain that you’ve planned everything, from the tables to the flowers, to the songs to the band that’s going to play and everything in between. But did you check your bridal beauty regime and grooming routines? If you haven’t, you’ll end up with some serious wedding blues. All brides want to look their best on the day of their wedding but the mistake that they make is to start a day or two before, which is not enough time to make a noticeable change. As a consequence, this can lead to a host of skin issues before your wedding. So, if you’re a would-be bride and you’re desperately looking for the best tips for a glowing skin, here’s some effective advice for you. Take a look.

  • Assess way ahead of time: If you actually want to get your skin in the best form, you should start off with your skincare routine way ahead of time and not just before. It is perfectly okay if you don’t have much time before the day of wedding, just adopt some of the best skincare habits possible. Don’t use the common excuse of lack of time since this will lead to bad skin on your wedding day.
  • Opt for some expert facials: Don’t you think that your wedding is the best excuse for some extra pampering of your skin? Book some of the best monthly facials to refresh your skin and make it look good. If you have wrinkles or laugh lines on your face, you can treat them with advanced skin care devices from AngelLift so that you can capture some of the best photographs of your lifetime.
  • Tackle excessive oil with blotting sheets: If you’re always on the go and you don’t have time to keep your face oil-free, carry blotting papers as this will keep your face shining away. In case you require an advanced oil solution, make sure you streamline your routine and use a mild face wash and use a light-weight oil-free moisturizer. Excessive washing of your face isn’t a good idea, since it will make your skin produce more oil.
  • Eat more watermelons: Irrespective of your skin type, it will always crave water. So make sure you drink enough water. This is required for a better metabolism and better skin. Keep indulging in some lip-smacking watermelons too. Some other superfoods that benefit your face are broccoli, grapefruit and lettuce. Eat more of these fruits as this will definitely have a good impact on your skin.

So, if your wedding date is approaching soon, take all the required steps to ensure that your skin is glowing on the big day. Follow the above tips since they’re given by some of the best beauty experts in the industry.

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A Guide to dressing your man smart

By on April 1, 2016

With a formal occasion looming, has your mans trusty suit had it? If thats the case it’s time to surprise him and invest in something new and something which is going to make him look and feel good. Follow this guide written by Dobell ( to buying the perfect suit.

The Men's Guide to Wearing a Suit

Provided by Dobell

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Accessories | Fashion

Common Nail Artistry Services Offered in Miami Nail Salon

By on March 4, 2016

Beautifying yourself is simply a way of satisfying yourself probably after a traumatic day or an excellent accomplishment. If you are searching for any kind of nail parlors in Miami, you must think about that services you will definitely be using.

Range of Services

Now a day, the majority of nail salons provide a variety of facilities. A standard nail salon must offer a variety of manicure plans different from a usual manicure to intricate nail artistry hand saturating as well as matching pedicure treatments. Possible the most vital aspect to keep in mind is that these facilities could be modified to match your specific needs and you do not just need to order from list of options.

Manicure Facilities with Better Products

Services should contain at most an ordinary manicure. This kind of manicure contains a hand rubbing massage with cream or lotion picked by the customer. At larger end salons a much better quality lotion or cream is applied and is usually reflected in the price of the manicure. The unique special the beauty parlor is, the better the top quality of items are used. If a person needs to pay a higher price for the manicure it far good sure be value of the extra rate. The client is going to feel as they are getting services that the usual person is not. It is a specialist’s art to make them look like they are.

Nail Artistry

Now a day’s nail parlor services, nail artistry is famous offering. These are generally enjoyed by ladies who wish to view their nails improved with artistry work. Whatever your preference, an efficient nail parlor must have the capability to suits you.

Beautifying your Nail as you Desire

A traditional pedicure is also one more facility that you usual nail salon Miami must be capable to give you. A standard pedicure must initially provide a foot cleanse and immerse in a clean sink or bowl. The moment the foot soaks is complete any kind of a readying available polish must be taken out pursued by cuticle adornment and the usage of cuticle lotion. Surplus skin from all time short of toes and low feet is after that taken out making use of a rasp, unpleasant solution or file. Depending on how much skin need to be taken out will definitely determine the way most experts will utilize.

For all those who obtain a usual pedicure the abrasive cream or oil with the most useful. If you after a year, in that case you might be showing to file or rasp. A lot of professionals will surely go a step in addition and rub the calk and ankles area as included additional advantage to make you in fact is in the mood for you have had that med-spa feeling. The end again contains of a nail fine art and polish if you choose it. There are a lot of added facilities readily obtainable in any kind of nail salons Miami.

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10 Simple Tips For A Great First Date

By on February 4, 2016

Going on a first date is easy, right? Well, it should be, based on what your friends have told you. All you have to do, they’ve said, is be yourself. In fact, you may have even been told that all you actually have to do is just show up and everything will unfold perfectly. Trouble is, you’re feeling nervous and unsure. You really like this guy and you don’t want to blow it.

The trick to enjoying your first date is confidence, and the way to feel confident is to be fully prepared.

Here, then, are 10 ways to be cool, calm, and collected during your first date:

1. Calm down. One reason you may be nervous is because you imagine he wants to be with someone that you have to pretend to be. Does he want someone witty? Does he want someone smart? Does he want someone alluring? Realize that all these roles are all just your own constructs. More importantly, a future relationship will only work out if he wants you to be just the way you are.

2. Be graceful. You show grace when you are respectful and present. Respectful means demonstrating social etiquette. Show up on time, be nice to the waitstaff, and pay attention to your date. Staying present means becoming a good listener. If you talk a lot when you’re nervous, you’re not present. Respond to the moment rather than your inner uncertainty.

3. Don’t bring your friends with you. Be sure to turn off or mute your smartphone. You don’t need to respond to tweets or scan your Facebook page while you’re on your date. In fact, you probably don’t need to make or answer any calls at this time either. The quickest way to make him feel awkward and grumpy is to tune him out.

4. Let him take the lead. Let him pay if he wants, or split the bill if he wants. It doesn’t really matter at this point. Similarly, let him follow up with the next date if things worked out well. You can sort out gender roles at a later point in time. For now, use a traditional approach as the rules are a little less murky.

5. Avoid hemming and hawing. It’s only too easy to be indecisive and ask him what he thinks when it comes to making small decisions. It’s much more attractive to know what you want and have no hesitation asking for it.

6. Don’t pretend to be perfect. Perfection is a fantasy, and there are no clear rules on what is perfect and what is awkward. Is talking too much imperfect? Is apologizing for a blunder, a sign of weakness? Is your mind going blank when he asks you the name of your dog, a sign of early onset dementia? Perfection is a myth, and you should forget all about trying to measure up to some imaginary standard. It will make you appear stiff and awkward. Just be natural, not self-conscious.

7. Don’t make it an interview. This is only the first date. Avoid interviewing him for marriage, asking him about whether he likes children, plans on building a career, or has bad habits that will drive you nuts. The purpose of a first date is to see if there is a connection. There will be other dates when you can ask the deeper questions. If he is over-eager about crossing physical boundaries, be firm. Passionate kissing, petting, or even sex on a first date is not a good idea.

8. Wear gorgeous hair. This will do wonders for your self-esteem. If your hair is limp or unwashed, you will feel a little less self-assured. Using the IN BLU Hair Styling System, you can spray, activate, style, and shine your hair to get the right look for you. Depending on your type of hair, you can opt for the sleek and shiny look, the full body and volume look, or the curly and wavy look.

9. Make your skin glow. If you don’t have product that works for you, experiment with an herbal approach. Debolina in an article entitled 15 Herbal Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin suggests a sandalwood, turmeric and milk base. She says, “Make a fine paste of sandalwood powder, a little turmeric powder and milk. Apply this on face, leave on for a few minutes, and get natural glow and freshness.”

10. Dress for the occasion. Besides taking care of your hair and skin, dressing up will do wonders for your sense of poise and self-assurance. Pick something that makes you look good and feel good. Don’t overdo it, wearing heels on a picnic or sheer clothes on a cold night. Instead, strike a balance between practicality and elegance.

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